KAZAMA Auto [Products List]
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RX-7[FD3S] Parts Index
S14 with HKS RS-turbo Tuned by Kazama
KZ-FD : tuned by Kazama with TO-4R
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kazama (Big/White) 180(W) x 50(H) Y1,500
kazama(Big) Mirror 280(W) x 70(H) Y2,000
kazama(Small) White 180(W) x 50(H) Y1,000
kazama(Small) Mirror 180(W) x 50(H) Y1,500
kazama(Biggest) White 600(W) x 140(H) Y2,500
kazama(Biggest) Mirror 600(W) x 140(H) Y3,000
URL White 490(W) x 40(H) Y1,000
URL Mirror 490(W) x 40(H) Y1,500
kz&hp White 470(W) x q140(H) Y2,500
kz&hp Red 470(W) x q140(H) Y2,500
kz&hp Black 470(W) x q140(H) Y2,500
kz&hp Mirror 470(W) x q140(H) Y3,000
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